ConnectGo Connectable
Lights System

Connectable lights with a difference,
you pick the power!

At the cutting edge of low voltage, multi-power-source lighting technology, this range offers excellent performance, safety and versatility. You have the flexibility to choose from three distinct power sources: battery, solar and low voltage mains power.

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Why is ConnectGo so good?

ConnectGo is the lighting system that puts you totally in the driver’s seat and offers ultimate flexibility; choose your lights, choose your place and even choose your power source, between low voltage mains power, battery or solar! The whole system is rated IP44 and comes with a 2 year warranty, underpinning the quality of this range.

Switch and change power supplies

Choose from mains, solar or battery power.


The entire system is rated IP44.

2 year warranty

All ConnectGo products come with a 2 year warranty.

Mix & match

Any ConnectGo products can be connected together.

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