The Festive Lights Story

We’re a family-run business born out of less conventional means. Not many companies spark their creative thinking from the theft of two cars. Here’s our unique story...


A Tale of Two Stolen Cars

Festive Lights' founder and owner Mark Higginson, a forester by trade, has not one but two of his beloved Mark II Ford Escort RS Turbos stolen and torched, thus beginning a quest to invent a car security product.


Disklok is Born

After initial success with other designs, the Disklok car steering wheel lock is born and becomes an instant success.


Purchase of Disklok House

The home of the current Festive Lights head office is purchased originally for Disklok, hence the name.


An Interesting Offer and the Birth of Festive Lights

Disklok production having been taken overseas, whilst on a manufacturing trip to Taiwan, Mark is offered a container full of Christmas lights at an inviting price. Festive Lights is born and the lights, sold from the premises at Disklok House, soon sell out.


With the seasonal shop now a yearly occurrence, Festive Lights goes online with the very first iteration of the website launched.


DRiBOX is Invented

Not content with just Disklok and Festive Lights, upon noticing that many customers resorted to using a bin bag to protect plugs and extensions for their outdoor lights from the rain, Mark Higginson invents the DRiBOX - a weatherproof box specifically designed to house electrical connections outdoors.


New Logo, New Website

The website relaunches with a new logo on a proper ecommerce platform with a revolutionary new look that would survive - with a few tweaks - until 2012.

Festive Lights Turns 10

The shop - now with two floors full of sparkling festive lights - celebrates its 10th birthday with a 25% off sale. Local radio station Rock FM turn up to cover the event.


Another Website Relaunch

Whoever would have thought that grey text on a black background would go out of fashion... the desire for a refresh leads to another new website in 2012.


Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

The shop at Disklok House closes its doors for the last time, whilst a smaller showroom opens at the site of our warehouse in Wigan, complete with online pay-points and full click and collect functionality. The offices remain at Disklok House.


Home Is Where Our Heart Is

A dedicated home lighting range is introduced, recognising a shift towards all year and not just seasonal products.


And another new website...

Festive Lights 2016 Website Maybe the biggest change to the website so far. This time it's fully responsive, working on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.


Re-rebrand, when the crowd say Bo Selecta

Festive Lights New Logo Rebrand Festive Lights undergoes a complete rebrand, with new logo, style and a renewed focus on bringing joy through decorative lighting.